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Pecan Ridge School
Super Summer Club!!
Super Summer Club!!


Super Summer Club is underway!!

We are having tons of fun with our super fantastic summer program planned for us!


Super Summer Club is open to all children Kindergarten through twelve years - come see what's goin' on at Super Summer Club!!

GOIN' to PRE-K!!

Pre-K (4) is shaping up in a hurry! Our four-year-old friends will be having the time of their lives learning with the Letter People!

Preschool - 3 Year Olds!!

Our Pre-K (3) will also enjoy learning with the Letter People! Our three year old teachers have been working with the Region 7 Ready for School Program and has been awarded with her very own complete set of Letter People preschool curriculum!

Terrific Toddlers and Twos!!

Our Terrific Toddlers and Twos love learning each day, We think childhood is a journey, and most kids just need a little guidance now and then to really come into their own. With our literature-based Itty Bitty Bookworm curriculum, you can expect to see your child(ren):

  • Develop a love of books.
  • Expand her creativity.
  • Excited about learning.
  • Self-confident.
  • Experiment and play.
  • Prepared for Kindergarten.

We know that...

  • Children who are read to have an advantage in school.
  • Children who learn to read early tend to be
    those who have books and have been taught to value them.
  • Shared reading, offering children a variety of print materials, and positive attitudes toward literacy promote early literacy skills.
  • Books activate prior knowledge making learning new information easier.

Because research shows us time and time again just how important books and reading are to children, we have based our curriculum on popular children's books. Each week of curriculum will focus on a different storybook. The activities will coordinate with the themes of each book, as well.

Babies are a Blessing!!

Our sweet babies! Each week, lesson plans are created using the Champions for Children Infant Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to help babies develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially. The physical needs of each baby are taken care of following a prescribed plan provided by each family. Then, throughout the day, teachers provide babies with a chance to participate in age-appropriate activities as outlined in the curriculum.

In our infant room, there is an active area and a quiet area. The active area abounds with toys, swings, gyms, and such, while the quiet area is equipped with a private crib and storage basket for each baby. Also in our infant room is a kitchenette area with refrigerator, sinks, and cupboards, for efficient preparation of foods for your little one's hungry tummy!

Come check out our infant program and see just why we believe BABIES ARE A BLESSING!!

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